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Hi there, thanks for visiting Codemefy. I love what I do and (try to) do what I love. I want to share my thoughts and findings from this beautiful world wide web. There are so many things out there – things you might know of, and things you might not even heard of.

As Bill Gates said – “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” Welcome to my village!

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Let’s talk about Spam Traps

– What is a spam trap? Did you know there are several different types of spam-traps?
– Why should email marketers care?
– Take steps to avoid emailing to spam-traps
Download a free report in a PDF format


spam-964521_640Spam catch of the week #3 – Spam explained

What is spam? What is the origin of spam? What is the first spam and who are the first spammers?



Read the blog post about the new EU GDPR regulation and email marketing and download the free report.




Salaries real time – how do you compare against a TOP CEO? How long does it take you to work to buy… a burger?






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