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As Bill Gates said – “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” Welcome to my blog village!

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Email marketing: Sunsetting your mailing list is tough but necessary

Keep your mailing list clean.
Bounces and deliverability explained.
Steps to apply sunset policy to your database.


FathersDayBanner When is Father’s day? [infographic]

And Top 10 gift ideas from Amazon.


wordpress-923188_1920New Announcement from has announced that they will allow uploading any plugins for themes for their users


tips for marketingTips for better targeting different generations

– Generations explained
– Find tips that will help you target different generations better: social media, email, coupons, time of day and much more.  Also, you can view the infographic here.


Let’s talk about Spam Traps

– What is a spam trap? Learn more about different types of spam-traps
– Take steps to avoid emailing to spam-traps
– Get a free report

fishing-598511_640Spam catch of the week #3 – Spam explained

What is spam?
What is the origin of spam?
What is the first spam and who are the first spammers?



Read the blog post about the new EU GDPR regulation and email marketing and download the free report.




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