Who – what – how much: e-marketing professionals

I recently came across a brilliant survey from Litmus with a nice attempt define THE EMAIL PROFESSIONAL. So who are we,  email marketing specialists?

In short, it looks like we are happy, young (of course), mostly with 3+ years of experience,  involved with email coding and development, design, strategy and analysis.

Even though there are more men (52.7%) than women (47.3%) in the field, the gap isn’t
big (that’s great news, Litmus).

Age breakdown: according to their survey – most of the respondents were in the age group of 25-34 (52.6%) and 35-44 (27.5%).

Litmus blog, A Snapshot of the Email Professional in 2017

Work experience breakdown: 26.6% of the respondents had 3-4 years of experience, closely followed by 5-7 years (23.5%) and  8+ years (22.3%).

Litmus blog, A Snapshot of the Email Professional in 2017

according to Payscale and Litmus, these are the main skills we have

  • Email coding and development, HTML & CSS
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Data analysis
  • Planning
  • Account management
  • Copy writing

 suggests that these skills affect e-mail marketing specialists’ salaries:

Payscale, E-mail Marketing Specialist

of course, different sources present different information, and it is important to remember, that salaries will depend on the industry, location, level of experience and many other factors. But in my view, this area of digital marketing is very overlooked and still underpaid.

email marketing - salary
Payscale: Country: United States | Currency: USD | Updated: 18 Jan 2017 | Individuals Reporting: 134. E-mail Marketing Specialist

I would personally compare email marketing salaries with digital marketing ones – so it seems there’s some room for improvement there.

Salary comparison - payscale
Payscale, Related Job Salaries,  E-mail Marketing Specialist


Where do you do your salary comparisons?

Litmus blog, Chad White, March 2, 2017 A Snapshot of the Email Professional in 2017
Payscale, E-mail Marketing Specialist


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