Internet Speed Rankings

Akamai has recently released the Q4 2016 data “akamai’s [state of the internet]”  –  revealing that the global average connection speed in the Q4 (2016) was 7.0 Mbps, seeing a 12% increase from the Q3. Let’s look at the top speed rankings.

According to Akamai, South Korea leads globally with 26.1 average Mbps. Denmark has now joined the top ten, pushing Latvia out and leaving the United Kingdom in the 16th place.

average connection speeds

Europe: Average Connection Speed by Country

In Q4, the fastest internet speeds in Europe were in Norway (23.6 Mbps), Sweden (22.8 Mbps) and Switzerland (21.2 Mbps). The UK with the average speeds of 16.3 Mbps is 9th. The slowest speeds in Europe were in Cyprus (7.1 Mbps) and Greece (7.5 Mbps).


US: Average Connection Speed by State

The top speeds were in the District of Columbia (26.7 Mbps), Rhode Island (22.4 Mbps) and Delaware (22.4 Mbps).


Americas: Average Connection Speed by Americas Country

Best average internet connection speeds were in the US (17.2 Mbps), Canada (14.9 Mbps) and Chile (8.6 Mbps).



And last, but not least, a wonderful infographic from statista – The British cities with the slowest broadband speeds:

statista, The British cities with the slowest broadband speeds

Download Akamai report here
See statista chart here


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