Spam Emails – Catch of the Week – “European Union” + the most common categories of junk mail

This week, I’ll tell you about an email that caught my eye when I (again) was checking my junk mail. There I was, browsing through various promotion emails, when suddenly there was an OMG moment – I got an email from the European Union.

I open it up (and again, normal users, please don’t open spam emails, and DO NOT interact with them) – and salutation shouts at me “congratulations”. Well that’s a first, must be good news for a change.

I read on.

Apparently, my email has been selected for “Monetary Compensation of €2,500,000.00”. It sounds like it’s a serious win for me, as it was selected by “The EUROPEAN UNION COMPENSATION BOARD(EU) Through European Union Payout Office”. It’s my lucky day! Good to know that EU has a COMPENSATION BOARD.  OK, here’s me smiling now, let’s continue … “as part of it’s [n.b. grammar!] 2017 sustainable poverty alleviation programme” – seriously, EU has included my email in the poverty alleviation programme? Um, I don’t even know what to say –  I’m flattered to be offered this much money, but hey, I think there must be some mistake…

Signed by Paul Resford (E-funds Administrator)

— nice email address, spammers, but a bit too much Europe in it for my liking.

EU spam

Right, fun’s over, even though it was a brief moment of excitement. A few reminders: it is SPAM – I’m not even talking about the message here – but if you would still consider that maybe the all European Union really offered you this much money – look at the actual sender email (not the one in the body copy) –  “European Union <>  “ – that sounds far from anything to do with EU or Paul Resford, who apparently sent me this amazing notification… I wonder – what will I find next week?

See a previous Spam emails – catch of the week – post about “Amazon” wannabe here.

To continue the trend, I’ll add an educational fact – the most common categories of spam emails sent in 2014.

Statista, The most common spam categories wordwide in 2014.

72% of Global spam was promoting various Healthcare offers (we know what that is all about), 7.5% were about Stocks, and Malicious emails accounted for 6% (these ones carry a virus with an attachment or a link – and when clicked on, install malware on your computer – beware and avoid!).

See the full Statista report here.


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